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It reveals the abstract rules of the world.

We are living a life in which most of us are exposed to problems. ?

Which are different from everyone else’s, or at least they seem to be different when we reflect on our own stories.

Yet when we listen to the stories of others,

We always find common elements.

There is no coincidence in life.

Luck does not exist.

Everything we live, everything we witness has a reason.

The reasons are not random like we think they are.

We are in the same game, but since our stories are different,

We don’t even notice.

We are thinking that our story is unique.

Yes, our story is unique.

But there are some common realities.

These are the abstract rules of the game.

They are just as valid as the concrete rules that we observe with our senses.

They do not vary over time, with people or by country.

Because they are the rules of the game… ? 


“Master On Communication” Program Content

* Reality of Communication

*  Communication Types

* Art of Recognizing Character

* Chemistry of the Mind

* Communication Strategies – Conviction Strategies

* Mysterious Opposites – Law of Relationships

* Consciousness & Ego

* The Filters of the Mind

* Why do we fall into illusion?

* Expectation & Paying Price to Improve Quality of Communication

* 3 Dimensional Thinking  

* Presentational  Skills & Communication with a Community


Why Should I Take This Course?

*To be happy and successful.

*To enhance coping strategies at work while preventing conflicts with colleagues.?

*To establish peaceful, long-term and loyal relationships, including marriages.

* To be able to raise responsible, socially active and self-reliant children in a world of addiction.

*To continually improve your position in life, to be better than what you were

* To enhance coping strategies in your environment while preventing conflicts with friends

* To recognize the differences in people’s personality for an effective communication

* To learn how to establish effective relationships for a successful team
* To establish peaceful, long-term and loyal relationships with my friends, team, relatives

* To learn how to make people to respect us, agree with us and care for us



8 Days 

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