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“Who is Who?” Knowing Ourselves and Recognizing People

“ We discovered the depths of space but

We forgot who we are and who others are “

Having a deep and critical understanding of self and others is your first step in becoming a successful and happy people in life.


“Knowing yourself” :  Simply speaking, it means understanding and having certainty around who you are, what you stand for and being aware of your strengths and your limitations. We tend to under-estimate the importance of knowing ourselves. Many of us go through each day just getting by and reacting to events, rather than making conscious choices based on who we are and what we want.

If a person doesn’t know who he is and what he wants, it is hard to set goals, stay motivated, and build healthy relationships in life and at education and at work.

When a person becomes consciously aware of any behavior, he has the power to change that behavior also.

“Who is Who?”  Program Content

What Is Communication and Illusion in Communication

Recognizing people

Recognizing People Level I : Representational Systems

Ways of Effective Communication

Recognizing People Level II : Meta Programs Part

The chemistry of Brain (Left Side & Right Side Brain)

Interactive exercise


Why Should I Take This Course?

During this module participants will have the opportunity to

* Understand the importance of raising self-awareness consider

* What motivates others and us

* How people prefer to handle conflict

* Understand why some people connect better with you, while others don't connect as well

* How can understanding yourself and others help you to excel at education and work?

* To recognize the differences in people’s personality for an effective communication

* To learn how to establish effective relationships for a successful teamwork

* To have a clearer understanding of your own moods and reactions to your surroundings.

*To understand your own style of interacting with others, how the work environment affects you, and what you can do with this awareness.

* To know and understand yourself better leads to better decision-making.

* It also enables you to set and achieve appropriate goals and live more productively.  



2 Days 

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