The thing that mankind has been most curious about since its existence is “What is the truth?” has been a question. Since he needs the truth in order to live and understand his life correctly, he always wants to find the truth, to hear the truth, to learn the truth.

Finding the truth is not that difficult. It is possible to reach real information by passing the experiences of people who have lived in the past through the consistency test.


Deneyimsel Tasarım Öğretisi Projects

Corporate Projects, Youth Projects

The young generation of a society is the future of that society. The development of the generation that will shape the future is also the responsibility of the whole society. With this sense of responsibility, Experiential Design Teaching organizes projects related to the development of the young generation. Within the scope of these projects, thousands of young people have contributed to their development so far. As a result of the satisfaction we received from the feedback, it was decided to continue our projects. In line with this decision, projects are developed to contribute to the lives of thousands of young people every year on a regular basis. These projects, which may differ periodically, are called the Summit Project.

Experiential Design Teaching organizes seminar programs for the needs of the public and private sectors in order to support social development.

Social responsibility projects have been carried out in many public institutions and private sector organizations through these programs. In line with the positive results obtained from the realized projects, our projects continue with the same dedication and motivation.

Opinions of some participants who attended the Experiential Design Teaching Seminars.


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